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Fig 4 - 5


Fig 4.

A 4.5–mm hole is drilled through the clavicle and the coracoid
using  a  guide  pin  and  drill  guides.  The  clavicular  drill  hole  is located centrally on the clavicle approximately 2.5 cm proximal from the AC joint. The coracoid drill hole is centrally located as proximal as possible (Fig 4).
The distal limb end was then pulled to the clavicular portal behind the clavicle. Thereafter, the interconnecting sutures were passed through the drill holes and pulled out through the anterolateral portal.


Fig 5.

The clavicular drill hole is enlarged to 6 mm with the help of a guide pin. The end of the guide pin must be secured not to push it to far downwards (Fig 5).